The Great Ride!

In 2012, our close friend, Brendan Kay, and his buddy from Austrailia, Ben Shuker, embarked on a journey few shall ever try to take. They rode their bicycles from Shanghai, China all the way to Dublin, Ireland to raise awareness for the American Haemochromatosis Society and Haemochromatosis Austrailia.

Along the way, Opinize donated some custom t-shirts and hoodies to make sure they stayed fresh, warm, and eager to continually spread the awareness of this disease that affects so many people.


The clothing arrived in Istanbul, Turkey, and here is the video they posted to their blog once they received their package.

Follow Ben Shuker and Brendan Kay cycle from Shanghai, China to Dublin, Ireland. You can visit their website blog, and follow the whole 8,836 mile expedition halfway across the globe here:


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